The Seed in Mark 4:27

In 2011, we all went on a trip that changed our lives. We experienced the deep love of Christ for His people, the Navajo people, and they became beloved friends. That was our first trip. We returned to the Reservation in 2012 with hearts full of longing to see once again the friends we had made.

Taylor shares what impacted her about the 2012 trip and what she anticipates for this coming trip to the Reservation in 2013:navajo8

After one year of sharing Jesus and building fellowship with our Navajo friends on the reservation, some of the questions on our minds when returning for a second year were, “What will we return to? Did our seeds fall on good soil, or was our sowing in vain? Will everyone have just reverted back to their old selves after that church camp high wore off?” What we discovered was extremely humbling and encouraging. The people had not only produced fruit, but they had also grown in the Lord. At school they had gone and lived as the expression of Christ. The strongholds they had been delivered of from the first year had not taken hold again. We did not return to the same struggles, but engaged in a week of growing even closer to God together as people caught new glimpses of His heart. Sure we encountered new struggles, but we were able to take them on with all the more joy and confidence after witnessing the lasting victories of the previous year!

We are excited to go back to the reservation this year because we don’t know what to expect. We now know from experience that the seed truly does sprout up and grow over night even though we don’t know how (see Mark 4:27). We can’t wait to dive in with all of our hearts and allow ourselves to completely be poured out in love. We can’t wait to go and see the fruit from our second year. We can’t wait to build deeper relationships with a people who have not been forgotten by God, but have been fearfully and wonderfully made (see Psalm 139:14). And most of all we can’t wait to go and see our God lifted up and glorified.

navajo9We need your help to get the Reservation this year. Not only does each missionary need the support to cover travel expenses, but we would really love to give a love offering to our friends in Shonto, AZ (the church that is hosting us) to leave them more blessed and refreshed than we found them. Would you consider partnering with us in prayer and financial giving to see the name of Jesus glorified on the Navajo Reservation? Click the “Support Us” link at the top of this page.

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