Who We Are

The Basics

  • We are members of a small church community based in Tulsa, OK called “Jesus Revolution.”
  • We are seeking to make our third trip to the Navajo Reservation.
  • What we do on the Navajo Reservation:
    • Glorify Jesus
    • Offer hope
    • Bring truth
    • Express love
  • How do we do this?
    1. Friendship: We seek to build and maintain friendships that express the love of Jesus
    2. Honor: We seek to show honor the Navajo and their unique, beautiful culture
    3. Serving: We plan and complete service projects to help churches and communities on the Reservation (particularly in Shonto, AZ.)
    4. Assistance: We seek to offer financial support to the church and community in Shonto, AZ.
    5. Prayer: We consistently pray for our Navajo friends before and after our trips to the Reservation.

Our Story

The Beginning


In 2011, a team of us from a small church community known as “Jesus Revolution” in Tulsa, OK had it especially in our hearts to share the Gospel and the love of Jesus with people beyond our own community. We had the honor to connect up with a friend and pastor on the Navajo Reservation who invited us to come and be a part of a Navajo youth camp that takes place each year at Bita Hochee. Our hearts and our hands were all in – that’s just what we did. We jammed up inside a 14-passenger van and went the whole 20 hours to Shonto on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona. There we were opened up to a whole, new culture and the very beautiful people of the Navajo Nation. After spending time resting and helping out at our friend’s church in Shonto, we went to serve and support the youth camp at Bita Hochee. Little did we know just how much God would knit our hearts to each one of our Navajo friends.

The Return Trip

Lunch with Our FriendsWe were so moved by the work of God on the Reservation in 2011 that we knew we had to return in 2012. It touched us deeply to return and see the faces of friends that we dearly missed – a number of them having grown in the Lord since we left. In Shonto, we helped paint the inside of the church that our friend pastored at and we fellowshipped at the town-wide gathering of a number of churches – a meeting called “All-Church.” In just a few, short days, we were on our way back to Bita Hochee. The friendships founded the year before deepened, as did the work of God.

Going Back This Year

Team 2012We want to go back to the Reservation again this year. We believe that there is yet a deeper work that God desires to do in Shonto and at the youth camp in Bita Hochee. We have already begun planning and praying for this next visit. Would you consider joining us in prayer and supporting us financially as we seek to express the love of Christ to our beautiful Navajo friends?


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