Meet Our 2013 Team: Chelsea

ImageAge: 18

Occupation: Student

Nickname: Sometimes when my friends don’t want to call me Chelsea (like when we drive for 21 hours in a van and our jaws are too tired to create full words haha) then they just call me Chels.

Things I Enjoy Doing: Things I enjoy doing (outside of getting in the word, going to church…etc) are reading, fishing, snowboarding, scuba diving, playing fetch with my pup, singing in the shower, and being outside. (I just LOVE the stars and grass and rain and sunshine and all that stuff).

Things I Enjoy Eating: Things I like to eat include chocolate and chocolate. And chocolate. (I’m really not emotionally unstable, I promise.)

Random Fact About Me: My ears are uneven and I fell down a mountain once.

My First Trip to the Rez: was in July of 2011. Words can’t describe that trip. I was overwhelmed by the brokenness of so many youth and blown away by their desperate cries before the Lord. The things of the world were strangling them, and it was wonderful to be able to lead them into the presence of the Lord where their hearts could soften, minister to them and show them the love of Christ throughout the day.

Here is a Snapshot of My Testimony: I did not grow up in church, my family isn’t really into it, and growing up I didn’t have much obvious influence that would incline me to Jesus. Some extended family knew Him though. My life was seemingly perfect. Great family, security and stability, in school I was popular, had the right clothes, had the looks, made the grades, was good at sports, and more. I had the American Dream as far as a twelve year old girl was concerned. But here is the thing: I was miserable. I often wished I just wouldn’t wake up in the morning. I had a lot of anger, was depressed at times, emotional, anxiety and fear, bitterness, and hate were raging on the inside. I wore a mask to cover it up. I just had a huge, unfulfilled hole in me that nothing in the world could seem to fill and it frustrated me. In my tween years I was dragged along to some events by friends who were in church like Falls Creek and Acquire the Fire. Those sparked something in me and I started going to a Bible study that my pastor started with my friends and I after Acquire the Fire my 8th grade year. After seeds began taking root in me, a day came where (I was not in a church or with anyone, this was just me and the Lord) I prayed to a God I didn’t really believe in. “God, if you’re real, I need you. I guess I’ll try out this whole ‘Christian’ thing.” And that’s where my journey began! Since then I’ve been unbelievably transformed in a million different ways, and I found the treasure hidden in the field, the pearl of great price, and I’ve never let go since that day.

Something the Lord Taught Me on the Reservation: Something I learned on the Rez was the reality of our broken world. Its so easy to stay in a nice little bubble where its just me and Jesus, but I learned there is a world of brokenness out there that needs my friend Jesus just as much as I do. I was challenged to kill the selfishness in me and truly let God use me however He wished.

Lastly, my dream for this upcoming trip is this: I want every kid to leave with more than a feeling, more than a fun time, or three full meals a day, or more friends, but with a solid foundation in the Lord. That they would be able to leave camp and walk back into broken homes and hold fast to their Savior, ever growing in Him and knowing Him more, and becoming a contagious light. And that this wouldn’t fade in a week or a month, but that they would stick with it for the rest of their lives!

Well there ya have it, folks. That’s Chelsea in a nutshell.


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