Meet Our 2013 Team: Rhiannon


Meet Rhiannon

Age: 20

Occupation: Coffee Shop Manager

Nickname: My nickname bears no significance… We woke Andrew up from his sleep on the drive to Arizona to give me the first name he could think of. And that name was Radahlia.

What I Enjoy Doing: I enjoy anything that has to do with the creation or enjoyment of music. My husband also got me a lab mix puppy for Christmas so I have enjoyed playing with and training her… And laughing at the silly things she does. Her name is Daisy, and let me tell you, she’s absolutely hilarious.

What I Enjoy Eating: I absolutely LOVE pasta!! And recently I’ve been reigniting my love for sushi.

Strange Fact About Me: I love tomatoes. I detest ketchup.

My First Trip to the Reservation: My first trip was in 2011.

My Testimony: I grew up in a non-religious home as a kid. After my parents’ divorce when I was in 2nd grade and after subsequent moves throughout the states with my mom and older brother (we actually lived in Tucson, AZ for a long time!), we eventually moved to Oklahoma where I came in contact with Sam Mather and other leaders at Jesus Revolution after they paid visits to my school during lunch. I began attending their camps, Bible studies, and weekly meetings in 7th grade. I accepted Christ in 2006 and my life has never been the same since!

Something the Lord Taught Me on the Reservation: Our first trip in 2011, the Lord showed me something I will never forget: We were on our way home. Camp Bita Hochee was over and we all piled into our vehicles before sunrise ready for our journey home. In the car we had put on some worship music to listen to on our drive. It was very moving and beautiful, and I began to truly put myself in a place of worship before Him. Song after song was describing this desire: for Jesus to return. “The Spirit and the Bride say ‘Come.'” It was the heartfelt, lovesick desire to have full and perfect fellowship with Jesus when He comes back for His Bride, the church. Now, I’m not saying I had a vision or anything – but He put a picture in my heart of what it could be like when Christ really does return, that first moment when it happens. And I began to weep, just flat out weep… right in the middle of the car in front of my friends and everything! Not just at the idea I saw in my head, but because in my heart I was saying “yes” to Him. Yes. Come, I’m desperate for You to come! Prior to this trip, if anyone brought up the subject of Christ’s return, I would nod and agree with everything they would say. I would recognize the truth of the Scriptures, but in my heart I rejected it. In my heart, I didn’t want Christ to come back because I didn’t want to be forced out of a life that I was very comfortable in. But Jesus set me free from that! My heart completely changed in that moment. After experiencing everything we had encountered in Bita Hochee, God awakened me to what is the reality waiting ahead of us and what is only a shadow here and now.

My Expectations for Our Next Trip: I am so beyond excited to be coming back to the Rez! What my heart is most stirred up for is fellowship and discipleship – to truly become of one mind, desire, and attitude as we go after God together. I’m asking Jesus to reveal Himself to us all as the only One worth seeking and adoring, and I believe He will do this through the course of worship and prayer, so I’m excited to be on the worship team again. And of course, that He would further the work He began in me on our 2011 trip. God is going to do some amazing things!


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