Meet Our 2013 Team: Olivia

Meet the Team

Over the next few weeks leading up our trip to the Navajo Reservation, we thought we would introduce ourselves! We are one, cohesive family, but the reason why we stick together so well is because we each have a testimony of the beautiful work that Jesus has done to bring us into deep fellowship with Him. We would like to share our stories with you over the next few weeks. As you read about us and little snippets of our testimonies, we ask that You would consider praying with each of us to see God move in us and in the Navajo people this summer and beyond. Thank you for your partnership with us in the Gospel!

Meet Olivia

Age: 17

Occupation: Student


Funny Nickname: “O.C. Bachbogus” (nickname invented on the long drive to the Reservation last year)

Things I Enjoy Doing: Coaching gymnastics, being with friends

Things I Enjoy Eating: Chocolate!

First Trip to the Navajo Reservation: 2011

Funny Rez Trip Memory: “When some girls from camp poured water on me as a joke.”

Testimony Snapshot: “I had been going to Bible studies with Sam and Lyndie [leaders within the ministry of Jesus Revolution] during 8th grade, and in 9th grade I got invited to a camp where I experienced the Lord in a really real way. God got rid of feelings of self-hatred and insecurity. Since then, I have grown in the Lord so much and am excited to see where He will take me in the future.”

Something the Lord Taught Me on the Reservation: “He taught me that His love can reach anyone at anytime. There are no limits to His love. He taught me to trust Him and remember that He is always in control.”

Hopes, Dreams, and Goals for this Upcoming Trip: “What I am wanting God to do this trip is to help me to see people and love people the same way that He does. I want to learn to trust and rely on Him more completely. I am wanting everyone we meet to be able to experience the Lord in a real way, and see God’s love from them individually.”


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